Millikan High School




May 21-24

$5 Pre-Sale

with Millikan Banker


May 24-25

$8 At Door 


Show Flyer

Thursday    May 24 2018, 7PM

Friday         May 25 2018, 7PM

     Each year Millikan Dance presents a Spring Dance Show for students to display their talents and skills. 2018 Spring Dance Show, For Your Entertainment, showcases dances choreographed by students and professionals. 

     “From the beginning of the school year, our dance teams have been working hard toward this performance,” Advanced Dance Team co-captain Winona Adams said. “Our technique classes and dances have been led by a group of amazing choreographers. Our show will feature a wide variety of dance genres from ballet to hip hop. As a senior in my fourth and final year on the Advanced Dance Team I️ can definitely say we all worked very hard for this show to be spectacular,” Adams said. “We have trained all year for this moment and it is going to be a great way to end the school year.”