Millikan Dance Teams



Elaina Gallo - Captain

Lexi Garbiero - Captain

Sofia Campbell

Melissa Chavez

Izzy DelGaudio

Kylie Plooster

Tatiana Rios

Leslie Romero

Sarah Schaaf

Maddie Venegas

Aurora Gray

Ava Ingram

Mariah Madrigal

Kira Nygaard

Xene Sommers

Lena Teeter

Angie DelGaudio

Francesca Pinon

Lauren Litzinger

Riley Vaughn

Isabella Alcala

Hadlie Bell

Deamara Nazzaro



Anna Haubrich - Captain

Chloe Hetland- Captain

Melissa Aranda

Lola Burton

Emma DeHorn

Sasha Helin

Logan Hendron

Victoria Iglesias

Izzy Iguanzo

Aniya Lewis

Amani Jones

Riley Louis

Tori Sallade

Madeleine Sampson

Stamatina Syrengelas

Rhyann Diaz

Alejandra Flores

Ariana Gonzales

Victoria Mock

Olivia Truninger

Sofia Alvarez

Sophia Brown

Cailyn Delliquadri

Shelby Edwards

Vera Fratovich

Satya Miller

Alexa Palencia

Keira Rawlings

Audrey Rodgers

Claire Wilson

Giselle Botello

Lucy Green

Vaselisa Lauloto

Destiny Vaivao

Amanda Zorick

Tatum Weldelle




The results will be submitted to your counselors and will appear on your class schedule.  Due to the high number of applications and the limited availability of beginning dance classes, unfortunately not all applicants can be enrolled.

"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful… This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”
Agnes De Mille